Monday, 23 March 2015

Flamingo Candles Scent Eggs

All hail a new breed of Flamingo Candle!  Well it's not actually a candle, which we suppose is the whole point, but you get what we mean...

So yes, here are our new super-charged mini wax melts - the awesome Scent Eggs.  They're small, oval-shaped eggs which are made from natural soy wax, etched with Florrie the flamingo and come in a variety of simple fragrances. They're designed to be mixed up, to create wild and wonderful scent combinations!

Place three or four Scent Eggs in an oil/fragrance burner, along with a tealight and wait for the gorgeous (or not so gorgeous, depending on your mix of scents. Believe us you can have a lot of *fun* creating the perfect fragrance) aroma to fill the room. Scent Eggs make the perfect gift, packaged in a glass jar with our lovely flamingo lid.

Creating the perfect Scent Egg recipe takes a lot of dedication, so we've come up with some ready-made packages, when you're stuck for inspiration:

Floral Fancy – geranium, jasmine, rose and lilac
Fruit Smoothie – cherry, strawberry, lime, mango
Banana Milkshake – banana, chocolate, vanilla
Refresh – coffee, rose, spearmint
Fruit Bowl – Strawberry, peach, banana, orange
Café Mocha – coffee, chocolate, vanilla
Tropical Delight – coconut, mango, kiwi

What's your perfect scent combination?


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