Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Blogger Reactions to the First Ever Box From The Melt Crowd

It's been almost a month now since hundreds upon hundreds of the first ever box from The Melt Crowd left us to make their way into the hands of many an excited 'Melter' (we've just adopted this phrase, so look out for lots of opportunities for over-use!).

We have to admit that, even though we were pretty certain that the box was utterly fabulous (natch), we were more than a little nervous of how it would be received by our lovely customers.

Here's a little rundown of what was included in June's The Melt Crowd box:
  • A free wax burner (this is sent only with the subscriber's first box.)
  • A postcard detailing the Scent Melts included in the box and a cheeky 20% discount code, valid all month.
  • *Exclusive to The Melt Crowd* Juicy Clementine Scent Melt
  • *Exclusive to The Melt Crowd* Freshly Mown Grass Scent Melt
  • Thai Lime & Mango Scent Melt
  • Mango & Dragonfruit Scent Melt
  • Sweet Lime & Cedar Scent Melt
  • Tropical Coconut Milk & Honey Scent Melt
  • PiƱa Colada Scent Melt
  • Daisy Scent Melt
We sent a box to some of our favourite bloggers.  Cue mega nerves!  But, the results are in and after many a wonderful review, it appears that they absolutely LOVE it! Here's a little round-up:

Hayley from London Beauty Queen
"For £10.00 a month (including postage) you can have a selection of beautifully scented wax melts delivered to your door to keep your home smelling amazing; the eight tabs that will arrive on your doorstep with include a combination of old favourites, current scents, yet-to-be launched fragrances and concepts exclusive to The Melt Crowd." 

Jen from A Beauty Junkie in London
"If you like candles and this style of home fragrance then you will like The Melt Crowd idea from Flamingo Candles. A sort of subscription box but for these melting candles…"

Maddy from Unstitchedd
"I've been a massive fan of their candles for a while (heads-up, their mojito one is my absolute favourite) and so loved the idea of being able to test out more of their scents."

Zoe from Classic Rouge
"The Melt Crowd monthy box is a great price of £10 a month, you get 8 different scents each month which is a saving of £6 if bought separately. They will even pop in scent exclusives and new collection previews."

Cherry from Cherry Pie 
"All of the scents in this month's box are right up my street, really vibrant and fruity and they hit you as soon as you open the box." 

Jade from The Style Rawr
"And how is the quality? Fabulous Flamingo as per! Each melt last for approx. 30 hours, and you are getting a good scent throw from about 2 minutes on the tealight. I have Mango & Dragonfruit on as I type and it's like sitting in a packet of Starburst - fruitilicious!"

Kat from Tales of a Pale Face
"Instead of their regular candles, which let’s face it aren’t going to fit through the letterbox, they’ve put together some beautiful scent melts, which are smaller, circular, scented wax disks that can be melted using a scent burner to fragrance your room."

Helen from The Love Cats Inc
"I don't know what it was about the above parcel when I received it in the post, but it just made me so happy. From the bright packaging to the way it was all put together to the melts themselves, the Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd Subscription Box was the best pick me up I could have got!"

Tina from The Trials and Tribulations of a Brummie Mummy
"The parcel was the best smelling parcel I've had for a while and I was surprised with different the scents was, so of the scents I wouldn't of thought went well together but they really do."

Dani from The Glamour Nazi
"The Scent Melts themselves came in a thin cardboard box in a black and white striped paper bag surrounded in lime green tissue. This was the kind of packaging I was looking for! So cute and I love the colour combination."

Emma from Anomalous Me
"All of the fragrances included in the box are absolutely perfect for Summer – which I’m guessing was intentional! If they do change the scents in regards to seasons/events, I can’t wait till the Christmas boxes roll around and festive fragrances are also released."

Laura from Happy Little Products
"They all smell amazing so i really struggled to choose one to melt first but i decided as i was given 2 of the grass ones, i should probably use one of them and oh it smells amazing!!"  

SJ from Cowbiscuits
"The actual Flamingo Candles smell divine so I really couldn't wait to get stuck into this box, to try all the scents for only £10 a month including delivery."

Bethan from Bethan Likes
"I have never subscribed to any beauty boxes etc. before but I can definitely see myself keeping my The Melt Crowd subscription. It is something to look forward to each month and it's such a great way of testing out the scents before buying the full size candles."

Verity from Ginger Dollyxo
"I cannot wait to use all of them, but I think from smelling straight out of the box the one I like initially is Thai Lime & Mango."

We're extremely pleased with the reaction to the first box from The Melt Crowd. *pops champagne open*.

Wanna be a 'Melter'?  Subscribe now in time for July's box (subscriptions close 11:59pm 30th June).

Much love

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